Sunday, April 10, 2011

March 21st, 2011

Everything here is going really good for me actually, well kinda. This week started out amazing for me and Elder Moake; we were just on a roll of finding new people to teach and we had so much spirit and desire with us to keep on working.  On tuesday, I had to go with the Zone Leaders; Elder Moake ended up finding a bunch of new investigators that are good. One of them is this 12 year girl named Laura, we are teaching her whole family, but she is just awesome. She reads everything we give her and prays about it, she told us that she even dreamed about Joseph Smith. She wants to come to church but were not to sure about her parents so much. Another person we found is Geysa, she has a friend in the church and has already visited a bunch of times. But, her dad might be a problem. I guess that he is super Catholic, even though he never goes. Every other investigator that we have seems like they are all good and don't have any problems as of right now that we know of'; I sure hope it stays that way.  The weather has returned to being super hot, but it's not as bad because it has been really windy these past couple of days. I have no idea what a Ninja does, all I know is that he goes on missions and protects people, haah. Hey have you heard anything about Colin Ainge? He is also was in Japan and I would like to kow if anything happened to him.
I just read the Parable of the Sower the other day and it is may second favorite parable in the Bible. It always makes you think about which one you are, and you you will continue to be that through out your whole life.  Great lesson to think about.
Thank you all so much for everything that you do for me, and for all of the help. You all help to get me through this whole thing.

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